The Original Flavored Mouth Guard by Mogo was an instant success, allowing Mogo to sign athletes such as Colin Kaepernick (NFL), Evgeni Malkin (NHL), and Kristi Leskinin (X games). These professionals demand more from their equipment, and the M3 Performance Mouth Guard delivers. The M3 continues the success of the original M1 design, from features to design aesthetics.

ClientMogoServicesConceptualization, Design Refinement, RenderingYear2013

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Infused flavor is embedded into the plastic on a molecular level (not sprayed on or coated) using FDA compliant and BPA free materials that last for the lifetime of the guard. The flavor spot resides near the parotid saliva gland, carrying moisture forward into the mouth. Users mold a custom fit with a soft durometer inner tray, while being protected by the harder durometer outer tray, and the inner plate which prevents biting through.

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Maximum air passage and speaking clearly are key aspects to pro-level performance. Athletes challenged Mogo and Priority Designs to develop a mouth guard that is 25% lower-profile while maintaining the strength, durability, and material thickness to generate the perfect fit.

Through Priority Designs’ and Mogo’s ideation process, they were able to exceed their requests. The M3 guard has design features including:

• A lower-profile design that is 25% thinner than competitive mouth guards
• Wall thicknesses that reduce the bulky feeling in the mouth
• A 3-piece design that includes a rigid “Bite Plate”, providing the added strength and durability in a low-profile mouth guard
• “Flavor Passages” that allow moisture drainage from the interior tray
• Aesthetically, the design continues the “form-follows-function” visual language originally established by the M1. All of the details on the guard serve a performance feature, and the transparent outer-layer reveals the technology that resides beneath the surface.

The combination of a high-performance mouth guard and the elimination of the dry mouth syndrome related with mouth guards has proven to be successful, as Mogo has gotten major placement in all of the major sporting goods retailers. From little-league youth players to NFL professionals, the M3 delivers high-performance design and engineering to keep athletes protected.