2012 UCID Part02

UCID 12 Critique – Part 2

Continuing from my first entry about the UCID ‘12 show, the second over-arching theme taken from the students work is:

The Young Entrepreneurs

During my final quarter before graduation, I focused heavily on my thesis as a gateway into an Industrial Design profession.  I was far removed from how the business world works, how products really make it to market, and the pathway to commercialization.

On Tuesday, it was inspiring to see the energy of young entrepreneurial spirits overtake the discussion of Industrial Design skills.  We weren’t talking about perspective drawing or 3D modeling, we were talking about starting viable businesses.

Of the projects presented, more than half (of Tuesday’s presentations) were entrepreneurial in nature.  These students are anxious to forge ahead on their own, establishing high-quality products through sound problem solving and a deep passion for their product’s market.  On more than one occasion, the critique turned into a mini consulting atmosphere as judges suggested to the students a pathway to commercialization: “Do you know how to protect your ideas?” “Have you shopped this around yet?” “Are you thinking about doing a Kickstarter?”

The accessibility to investors for launching a product by yourself is now attainable through the advent of Kickstarter.  One student even put on their graphic panel: “Kickstarter coming soon”.

One realistic challenge for this graduating class, despite their skill, is still a slow job market.  Perhaps an entrepreneurial spirit is the natural result of not having access to as many job opportunities as other generations. But, why wait for a job offer when you can create your own?  The goal is seemingly no longer to “work for the big brands”, but instead, “to compete with the big brands.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]